The Supplemental Guide to the SJ Games MOO

Sources of Help

1) The Friendly Guide.  It's very useful for all your starting needs.
2) The command help full-index will direct you to documentation on a vast array of topics.
3) Right here, the Supplemental Guide, where I try to fill in the gaps left.

Undocumented Commands and Messages

speak <language>. Use speak by itself to get a list of the available "languages", which include Bruno, Martian, Shatner, Gungan, Fnord, Gollum, Frog, and Pirate. What you say will be changed to fit the "language" you are speaking. Speak English to return to normal.
@paste. Then type lines of input; use '.' to end or '@abort' to abort the command. After the '.' to end, all the lines will be pasted to the MOO as a single block.
@pasteto <person>. Works like paste, but only the target person will see the message.
@doing me is <message> to set your message in the Doing column of who output. Will automatically erase when you disconnect. @doing me is "" to clear.
@idle me is <message>. This message at least used to appear to persons paging you when set, indicating that there may be a delay before you come back and read the message. @idle me is "" to clear.
insult <person>. Generates an automatic insult, aimed at target.
smack <person>. You smack (pelt, or otherwise hit) someone with random sealife.
@rose. Gives a mini-map of the rooms a compass direction from the current room.

The MOO, Mapped:

Map of the MOO

Names given are shorthand.  Numbers are room object numbers, useful for commands such as @move me to #2100 , which will instantly teleport you to the Game Commons.

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